How to Make a Mint Julep Cocktail – If You Are NOT a Fan [Video]

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Each year when the first Saturday in May rolls along you know it’s time for two things,

  1. Kentucky Derby and
  2. Mint Juleps.

Now of course, everyone is a fan of the Kentucky Derby, the fastest two minutes in sports. However, not everyone is a fan of the Mint Julep. Here’s a very simple recipe for making the perfect Mint Julep.

Not a Fan – Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe

Full video instructions are included below.

Step No. 1

  1. Grab a Highball glass.
  2. Add ice.
  3. Pour in your favorite Bourbon.
  4. Drink the Bourbon before it gets minty.

Step No. 2

  1. Grab same Highball glass.
  2. Add ice (optional.)
  3. Pour in your favorite Bourbon.
  4. Now go ahead and drink that one too.

Step No. 3

Now, here’s the questionable part.

  1. Grab same Highball glass.
  2. Squeeze in a few ounces of your favorite minty toothpaste.
  3. Add grass (any will do.)
  4. Add sugar.
  5. Gently muddle.
  6. Add ice (the more the better because you want to limit the amount of bourbon you are about to ruin.)
  7. Pour in your least-favorite Bourbon.
  8. Garnish with something non-poisonous from your back yard.
  9. Now, enjoy or better yet, give this to someone you don’t like.

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