Southern Comfort - New Trio Packaging

Sazerac purchased the Southern Comfort brand from Brown-Forman in early 2016. Now, just over a year since that deal closed, Sazerac is starting to put a bit of the brands original New Orleans roots back into the bottle and on the label.

Whiskey Returns to Southern Comfort Blend

The re-branding starts with a new tagline, “The Spirit of New Orleans,” a nod to the brand’s connection to the colorful city for 140+ years. In addition, the brand will once again include whiskey in the blend, which over time had been phased out prior to Sazerac’s purchase of the iconic brand in 2016. As a result, new label designs have been developed that better represent the brand’s whiskey credentials and New Orleans affiliation.

Other improvements to the brand include the introduction of a robust, whiskey-forward 80 proof black label expression, in addition to the existing 70 proof and 100 proof bottlings. The bottles have been made taller and slightly narrower and will retain their longstanding iconic fluted shoulders plus the signature of the creator, M.W. Heron.  An upscale cap rounds out the packaging enhancements.

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“We believe the new packaging reinforces the brand’s authentic whiskey and New Orleans roots,” states Senior Marketing Director Kevin Richards. “New Orleans was an integral part of Southern Comfort’s positioning for decades. We’re excited to reinforce that critical connection into the future. Like Southern Comfort, New Orleans is adored for its uniqueness and spirited character.”

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Southern Comfort was created in 1874 by legendary southerner M.W. Heron using his very own blend of fruits and spices. In the 140 years since its humble origins, Southern Comfort has become a highly successful global whiskey brand, selling in more than 100 countries. It has become a key ingredient in America’s drinking landscape and pop culture for generations. “We’re incredibly excited about our plans to strengthen Southern Comfort’s position as an iconic global whiskey brand for the next fifty years,” said Mark Brown, president and chief executive officer, Sazerac Company

Southern Comfort’s new packaging and new 80 proof black label will roll out in Summer 2017 in the United States and across the world by the end of 2017. Suggested retail prices for a 750 ml bottle will be $15.99 for the 70 proof; $17.99 for the 80 proof and $19.99 for the 100 proof.

Southern Comfort Redesign – 70, 80 & 100 Proof
Southern Comfort - New Trio Packaging
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