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It felt a lot like Christmas in June at startup Jeptha Creed Distillery in Shelbyville, KY this week. This was the week that their shiny new custom made copper and steel stills manufactured by Vendome Copper and Brass Works arrived.

The stills were shining bright on the sunny and warm spring morning after making the short 28 mile journey from downtown Louisville to Shelbyville. The stills and related components took up an entire flat bed truck. Rob Sherman, Vice President at Vendome Copper and Brass Works said they normally shrink wrap most of their stills before shipping but because of the days weather and the short trip they left most things unwrapped. To those that follow the industry it was kind of like watching the first prize parade float roll down the highway then pull up to your own front door.

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Jeptha Creed Distillery Construction Project
Jeptha Creed Distillery Exterior
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With the 15,000 square foot building now completely under roof and most of the exterior finished, the inside is starting to look like a distillery. While walking around, you could hear the sounds of hammers, drills and saws echoing around the building. The retail and entertaining space inside the building is still exposed 2×4’s, wires, pipes and insulation but the distillery production room is nearly finished.

The cooker, fermentation tanks and beer well were delivered a few weeks ago and now, the stills, spirits boxes and columns have arrived. They all need to be assembled but, they are now in their new home. CEO Joyce Nethery says they plan to be distilling spirits by August and open to the public for tours in the fall of the year.

Vendome Stills Delivered to Jeptha Creed Distillery Photos

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