There’s one unavoidable question which always comes up while meeting fellow whisky enthusiasts : Why Whisky? What made you love this shiny beverage that much you started writing about it?

To be honest, I wasn’t a heavy whisky drinker at all when I was younger, barely sipped some Label 5/William Peel mixed with poor quality coke while hanging out with my friends… I used to pass by single malt shelves in supermarkets, not even having a glance at all the fancy bottles in display, which I found intimidating, something you needed to understand to appreciate, a complicated – often too expensive – a beverage for grown-ups.

A few years later, I found myself in Scotland indulging in a whisky tasting session. This complicated and unapproachable beverage then turned to a rich and affordable luxury which enabled me to discover a full world of new emotions. More than just a drink, whisky reflects a territory, people, traditions, a singular know-how… whisky is bottled history.

It is also a genuine invitation to travel. But above all, I think whisky is a complete experience. I like comparing quality whisky with a good book. From choosing the right one to suit your mood, judging its appearance (I know I might not make friends here but I do believe packaging is almost as important as the content and is definitely part of the magic), holding it in your hand and finally getting into it. Each whisky is telling its own story, every flavor, each new aroma showing up on the palate is like a new chapter of a great liquid tale! Sometimes the plot might turn out disappointing, but other times it’s just so gripping you never get enough!

Finally, whisky is opening a whole new world that I really wouldn’t have expected from a drink, enabling you to travel without even leaving your armchair.

And this may be my answer to this great “why whisky” question. This, and plenty of other reasons!

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