Boone County Distilling Launches Tanner’s Curse White Rye Whiskey

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The Boone County Distilling Company,a small batch craft spirits distillery continues to break new ground in its goal to return Northern Kentucky to its once-held prominence among American whiskey producers. The distillery has announced the launch of its newest white spirit, an unaged rye based whiskey.

The distillery says Tanner’s Curse Rye Mash Whiskey features a mash bill of 95% Rye and 5% Malted Rye. The white whiskey was distilled in “The Bear,” a 500 gallon Vendome Copper & Brass Works copper pot still they affectionately call “The Bear.” The still is named after legendary Petersburg distiller William Snyder’s pet bear. Yes, he had a pet bear, didn’t everyone in the 1800s?

Boone County Distilling Timeline Poster - 1857, Mr. Snyder's bear got loose and bit a girl

According to his diary – Mr. Snyder’s bear got loose and bit a girl. c~1857.

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According to the distillery, Tanner’s Curse celebrates the tragic legend of the Baptist Minister John Tanner and his family. Unknowingly, Tanner founded Petersburg smack atop a prehistoric Native American graveyard of the Fort Ancient people, he had made a major mistake. A mistake he paid for with lives.

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Boone County Distilling - Tanner's Curse White Whiskey Rye, LabelYou can purchase Tanner’s Curse Whiskey Distilled from Rye Mash Whiskey along with their other spirits at Boone County Distillery and tasting room. This release is bottled at 100 proof.

Tanner’s Curse Whiskey Distilled from Rye Mash Whiskey
Boone County Distilling - Tanner's Curse White Whiskey from Rye Mash

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