Does Alcohol Really Make You Happier Infographic

Does alcohol really make you happier? Like many things in life the answer is definitely maybe. If you drink responsibly, moderate drinking can have positive health benefits but, if you over indulge it can have serious or even fatal consequences.

Humans have been eating rotten fruit that turned to alcohol pretty much from the beginning of time. With the proliferation of craft spirits distilleries dotting the American landscape today those fallen fruits and grains only travel a few miles from the field before they make it into a distillers fermentation tank.

No Great Story Ever Started with Salad

Alcohol is a traditional part of our symbolic rituals. It often aids in the transition from one phase of life to the next such as marriage, divorce, birthdays, new job, retirement and even death. During these celebrations you never heard anyone beating  a fork on a china plate saying,

“Let’s raise a plate and eat a salad to celebrate the new bride and groom.”

No, this ritual is reserved for clanking a fork against a crystal glass and saying,

“Let’s raise a glass and share a toast to celebrate the new bride and groom!”

When should you pop a bottle?

Alcohol is used to define the nature of an event, situation, or celebration. The type of drink consumed generally varies by event.

  1. Champagne associated with celebrations. Think New Year’s Eve here.
  2. Wine with meals. I’d like to see a wine menu.
  3. Beer for casual gatherings. Let’s grab a beer after work.
  4. Shots are for getting s#!% faced. I don’t agree with this one. There’s a big difference between shots and drinking it neat or on the rocks. I’ve been to many a bourbon tasting where a distiller takes the visitors through the process of drinking a straight bourbon or rye slowly to enjoy the entire experience from the nose to the taste to the consumption. Then there’s always a few folks in this situation that will just throw it back immediately. As one distiller explained, “That whiskey has been in the barrel for 10 years, savior it slowly!”

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So, is Alcohol Good for You? 7 Benefits of Drinking Alcohol

According to Medical Daily, drinking alcohol in moderation can have several health benefits. Their research from Dietary Guidelines for Americans showed, “moderate alcohol consumption is defined as having up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men. This definition is referring to the amount consumed on any single day and is not intended as an average over several days.” Here’s a list of some of these benefits.

  1. It can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease
  2. It can lengthen your life
  3. It can improve your libido
  4. It helps prevent against the common cold
  5. It can decrease your chances of developing dementia
  6. It can reduce risk of gallstones
  7. Lowers the chance of diabetes

Take a walk through this Infographic to explore the highs and lows of imbibing.

Remember, drink happy and drink responsibly.

Click the Does Alcohol Really Make You Happier Infographic to see it full size.

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