Why is it that some online crowdfunding offerings take off while others die on the vine? It’s all about great story telling and a plan and Republic Restorative Distillery has both. Pia Carusone and Rachel Cole Gardner have raised over $75,000 in seven days. They have now upped the ante with a stretch goal of $100,000.

How’d they do that? You can see the entire video below.

  1. Lead with a great video.
  2. Paint a picture by telling a great story.
  3. Whisky Women by Fred Minnock
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    Female owned: Women are one of the fastest growing segment of the whisky market. According to Fred Minnick, author of “Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey” by author Fred Minnick.
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    women now account for 37% of whisky drinkers in the U.S. up from 15% in the 90’s.
  4. Show an architect’s rendering of what the space will look like. In my experience, tell someone about your design and most people will shake their head but not really have a clue what you are envisioning. Show them a picture of what you are talking about and a light bulb goes off. Oh, like that, that’s a cool, modern design. Love it.
  5. Name your still, adds personality: ‘The Friggin’ figgins reciprocator’ a 1,000 gallon batch system.
  6. Location: 80,000 people go past this location daily. Three miles from the nation’s capital in D.C.
  7. Sustainability: Reclaim some raw space in an area undergoing a major rehabilitation. Be a part of the momentum. Not a box store.
  8. Have a partner/co-founder – It gives you accountability and energy and in watching the video, they play well together.
  9. Be in a hot industry – craft spirits is booming.
  10. Create community and be a part of it. Offer classes, tours and open a tasting bar.
  11. Have a revenue plan: Get the money flowing with Vodka. The bourbon will take time to mature. Talk about both.
  12. Be enthusiastic.
  13. Be yourself.
  14. Have a sign spinner photobomb your video. Look at .23 and 1:57. You know it’s a high traffic area if there’s a sign spinner on the street.
  15. Have a dog in your video.

You can learn more in a related story Women Owned D.C. Startup Republic Restoratives Distillery Raises $75k in Just 7 Days and check out the Restorative Republic’s Distillery crowdsourcing project on Indiegogo here.


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