Old Dominick Distillery - A Southern Style Gin, Old Dominick Gin Formula No. 10

Old Dominick Distillery in Memphis, Tennessee has released a new permanent Gin to the Distillery’s growing portfolio of craft spirits. Old Dominick Gin is crafted from a blend of 8 botanicals including juniper, coriander, angelica root, licorice root, grapefruit peel, chamomile, orris root, and ginger root.

“Gin always seemed like a spirit that allowed for, and even embraced, creativity in a way that other spirits don’t,” said Alex Castle, Master Distiller and Senior Vice President of Old Dominick Distillery. “Old Dominick Gin has a very unique flavor that isn’t typical in the gin category. The definition and restrictions on gin are loose; even the expectation of what it should taste like is vague. It just seemed like a great opportunity to have some fun and be different.”

Old Dominick Formula No. 10 Gin Tasting Notes

Earthy, sweet, and complex, this southern style gin was Castle’s tenth formula and bottled at 95 proof. Juniper dominates the nose, balanced by whispers of citrus that transition to sweet licorice on the palate. The sweet, smooth finish is rounded out by hints of black pepper.

Old Dominick Gin was crafted to sip or enjoy in a cocktail. “I’m very simple when it comes to my spirits and how I consume them. I enjoy a gin and soda, which really allows the different flavors in this gin to come through without anything to hide them,” said Castle.

“We are thrilled to add Old Dominick Gin to Old Dominick’s world class portfolio of spirits,” said Chris Canale Great-Great Grandson to Domenico Canale, founder of D. Canale & Co., parent company to Old Dominick Distillery. “Our entire team has been working very hard on this product and they are all to be congratulated. I could not be prouder of what this group has accomplished and look forward to seeing what they do next.”

Old Dominick Gin is bottled at 95 proof (42.5%ABV) and will be available beginning March, 2020 and will range in price from $24.99-$29.99. Old Dominick products are available in Arkansas, California, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

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Old Dominick Distillery - A Southern Style Gin, Old Dominick Gin Formula No. 10, Bottle
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