Whiskey Row - Old Forester Cover

The new Old Forester Distillery on Whiskey Row in Louisville, KY was supposed to open in 2016. That all changed in July 2015 when a massive fire in nearby buildings threatened to destroy an entire city block. Since then, developers and engineers of the Whiskey Row project have been hard at work stabilizing the facades of the historic buildings with massive temporary concrete blocks and steel piers.  According to the developer, the temporary piers will be coming down in June 2016.

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The city along with community leaders have been trying to save the city’s beautiful downtown building facades for years. Renovating and preserving them costs the city and developers hundreds of thousands of dollars more than knocking them down and putting up brand new buildings but, without the charm of these old buildings, you could be anywhere. Protecting and promoting a city’s cultural, environmental and architectural heritage will help to preserve history and ultimately help a city to grow.

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Here’s a photo collection of the Whiskey Row development project from a recent site visit. Click the photo’s to enlarge.

Whiskey Row, Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky


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