Here’s the original one hour and 36 minute video featuring Popcorn Sutton’s home movie of how he made moonshine. This was originally filmed in 2002 and then remastered in 2012. The video features Popcorn Sutton, JB Rader, Bill Millsaps, Abigail Moore, Floyd Sutton, Cookie Woods, and Gene Morefield.

The film has the same title as his self-penned book, “Me and My Likker,” and was re-released by Sutton in 2009 as “Popcorn Sutton Making Likker a Long Time Ago.” The footage was reworked into the award-winning PBS release “The Last One” (released in 2008) However, the legend of the original film, “last run,” was growing even as it was becoming almost impossible to find. The film was remastered and released as a bonus feature with the 10th anniversary edition of “The Last One” in 2012.

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The family is carrying on the family tradition but now the Popcorn Sutton Distilling operates as a legal distillery in Tennessee.

This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I’ll Ever Make

Photo courtesy of Neal Hutcheson.

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