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The Famous Grouse, the best-selling whisky in the home of Scotch whisky, Scotland has announced the appointment of Kirsteen Campbell to the role of Master Blender. Campbell is taking over the roll from Master Blender Gordon Motion.

Kirsteen will now be one of the few people to know the secret of the unique blend of whiskies that combine to make The Famous Grouse. She’s worked alongside Gordon for over 8 years and became Master Blender for Cutty Sark at the age of just 33. She will continue in her role as Master Blender for Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky.

Gordon Motion and Kirsteen Campbell of Glenturret Distillery
Kirsteen Campbell and Gordon Motion for The Famous Grouse
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Her new role involves managing the legendary ‘106 Sample Room’ at Edrington’s Blending Headquarters on Great Western Road.  The Room has an estimated 11,000 samples of single malts, grains and blends stored and is a working library for Edrington’s team of nosers lead by Gordon and Kirsteen. The team can nose up to 600 samples a day, hunting down the right aromas, color and character needed to create The Famous Grouse blend.

The Team Can Nose Up to 600 Samples a Day. Jealous?
The Famous Grouse Nosing
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Gordon Motion will remain at Edrington in his new role as Edrington Master Whisky Maker, and will focus on the company’s single malt portfolio, concentrating on Highland Park and The Glenturret Single Malts and including The Macallan.

Campbell said, “I feel very privileged to be taking on the role of Master Blender for The Famous Grouse. It is an exceptional blend and I’m looking forward to working with the team here to ensure we that we continue to deliver the quality and character expected of the UK’s number one selling blend.”

Motion commented, “Kirsteen is a very talented Master Blender and I’ve no doubt she will rise to this new challenge. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last six years as Master Blender for The Famous Grouse. My highlight would have to be when The Famous Grouse 40 Year Old was awarded the Trophy Award at the International Spirits Challenge in 2013, it was a very proud moment for me and the team.”

The Famous Grouse is the No. 1 whisky in the UK and No. 4 (according to IWSR data 2014) standard blended whisky worldwide. 43 million bottles of The Famous Grouse are produced each year, and it is exported to over 100 countries. It also holds the prestigious title of being the best-selling Blended Scotch in Scotland, and the UK.

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The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery

The Famous Grouse Experience is located at Scotland’s oldest working distillery – Glenturret. Originally established as a single malt distillery in 1775, today The Famous Grouse Experience is the most visited distillery in Scotland.

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