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Now that David Letterman is retired, someone has to take over the responsibility of sharing a regular Top 10 list. Well, today, we take on that task with the…

Top 10 Reason to Visit a Distillery

10. Because an increasing number of distilleries are opening their doors to the public in every corner of the planet. So whether you’re touring New Zeland or sunbathing in Menorca, New York City or the bluegrass of Kentucky, there will always be a spirit-producing facility to welcome you.

9. Because distilleries reflect a territory, its people, its history and traditions and have proved to be a very unique way to deeply immerse into a state or country’s cultural heritage.

8. Because distilleries are taking the visitor experience more and more seriously and are therefore designing one-of-a-kind experiences and state-of-the-art visitor centers.

7. Because there’ll always be a spirit or distillery to perfectly suit your needs, whether you’re a complete beginner or a true whisky, brandy, gin, cognac, or WhateverSpiritYouLike geek.

6. Because you can even find top-class accommodations or tasty restaurants within some distilleries (Old Bushmills Inn, Glenora Inn, Ardbeg, Bowmore cottages, Bistro at The Lakes or even the Australian Nant Distilling Company to name but a few).

5. Because learning new stuff is always a good idea! Think about this family dinner when you get to impress your snobbish great-uncle John with your spirited knowledge… Priceless!

4. Because there’s always great and/or rare bottles to bring back home, distillery exclusives and many other seriously cool items you’ll be proud to show your friends. Some locations can sell their spirits DTC – Direct to Consumers, unfortunately some locations (with archaic Prohibition based laws) cannot.

3. Because distilleries are often set within incredibly scenic environments, from rolling hills to riverbanks, and always show high Instagram potential!

2. Because you’ll meet and share stories with the most awesome people you’ll ever come across. You may even meet the Master Distiller!

And finally, the #1 reason to visit a distillery…

1. Because your visit will almost always end with a few drinks (make sure you’re not driving…).

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