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“As soon as the tornadoes hit, everybody in the bourbon community just felt it, and we were all trying to figure out what to do,” said bourbon curator and author Fred Minnick. “A lot of us were trying to create our own little benefits. And then we started talking with the Kentucky Distillers’ Association and the Bourbon Crusaders started talking and decided instead of doing our own individual events that we would pair our resources.

“We created really, a three headed dragon in three days. We had this entire thing organized in three days. I’ve done a lot of charities in my career and it usually takes about six months to a year to organize something like this.”

Watch the video to get the rest of the story and see the check handed off to Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear for Team Kentucky and the Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.

You can get the rest of the story here…

Bourbon Gives Back: KY Distillers’ Assoc., Fred Minnick & Bourbon Crusaders Deliver $3.4 Million Check to Gov. for Tornado Relief Fund

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