Bluegrass Distillers - Introduced Midway Distilling Company a a new lineup of Rye Whiskies

Bluegrass Distillers, a craft distillery in Lexington, Kentucky announced last year it would be relocating their production, operations, and tasting room to Midway, Kentucky at the historic Elkwood Farm and mansion. That construction project is underway and is expected to be completed in 2022.

With their move to Midway, Bluegrass Distillers has announced the re-introduction of a Pre-Prohibition brand with Midway roots. The company is restarting the Midway Distilling Company brand that will feature an exclusive line of experimental rye whiskies.

To kickstart the brand they have sourced four year old rye whiskey from Southern Indiana that they are putting their own fingerprint on with experimental secondary barrels. Once they complete their new Midway location distillation of their rye will take place there.

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“We are so excited to introduce Midway Distilling Co. to complement our core Bluegrass Distillers line of premium Kentucky Bourbons,” said Bluegrass Distillers Co-Owner Ben Franzini.

“We hope you enjoy these experimental rye whiskeys as much as we have enjoyed creating them this past year. They are complex and delicious. This new brand allowed us to explore new and exciting flavor profiles and tell stories of the rich history of Bluegrass Distillers’ new home, Midway, Kentucky.”

The original Midway Distilling Company was founded prior to Prohibition in 1916 and was sold as medicinal whiskey until 1924, when the entire plant and remaining inventory were destroyed by fire. Midway Distilling Company operated on the Northeast corner of Dudley & Gratz Streets in Midway, moving into the space previously occupied by the Belle of Anderson Distillery. 

The first batch of Midway Distilling Company products include Rye Whiskeys with secondary finishes including Rum Barrels, Sauternes Barrels, Vermouth Barrels, Toasted French Oak, and Recharred Oak. Midway Distilling Company rye whiskies will have a suggested retail price of $58 for a 750mL bottle. Select products are now available at Bluegrass Distillers with additional distribution in Kentucky beginning mid-December.

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