McClintock Distilling - Grand Opening December 2016

McClintock Distilling, a craft spirits distillery located in Frederick, Maryland has announced the grand opening of their new distillery. The distillery was started in 2013 by Co-Founders Braeden Bumpers and Tyler Hegamyer. They lined up angel investors and a line of credit to get their distillery started. They signed a lease on their property in July 2015 and have been busy ever since. The two are now ready to officially open their 5,000 square foot distillery built in a historic 105 year old warehouse that was once an old mechanic’s garage on Saturday, December 3, 2016.

“After many months of renovations we are proud to open to the public and offer our hand-crafted spirits to downtown Frederick. We have been working for years on this vision and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.” said Tyler Hegamyer. “The vision is fully realized now that we can open to guests and host special events for those looking for a unique and fun space.”

McClintock Distilling - 264 Gallon - 1,000 Liter Kothe Still
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1,000 Liter Kothe Copper and Stainless Steel Still

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McClintock Distilling uses organic grains and the highest quality ingredients for all of their products. All of the liquors are made from whole grains that are milled at the distillery using a stone-burr mill to preserve essential enzymes that give the spirits a unique and superior flavor. Braeden says the stone-burr mill uses two giant granite stone blocks to grind their grains. He said they chose this over a other milling methods to keep the temperature of the grains down during the milling process to help keep as much of the grains character in tact as possible.

McClintock Distilling’s Craft Spirits Lineup

McClintock Distilling will start out offering vodka, gin, and whiskeys distilled from organic certified grains. McClintock Distilling strives to maintain a sustainable and locally sourced business with a focus on product quality, environmental impact and community betterment. Braeden says they’re also distilling an aged bourbon and rye but customers will have to wait a while for that.

Epiphany Vodka

Distilled to 95% abv from organic Northern Italian wheat and re-distilled, filtered and blended in-house for a superior taste and smooth finish.

McClintock Distilling - Epiphany Small Batch Vodka
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Forager Gin

Uses a one of a kind botanical mix inspired by native plants found in the Appalachian wilderness. Forager gin is vapor infused to fully extract the essential oils for a lighter, more flavorful gin.

McClintock Distilling - Distilled Forager Gin
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Maryland Heritage White Whiskey

A rye whiskey uses a historic mash bill of 75% rye, 20% red wheat and 5% corn. They use this based on a historic mash bill that was commonplace in Western Maryland distilleries prior to Prohibition. The young rye is aged 24 hours in 30 gallon oak barrels that have been toasted then fired with a #3 char.

McClintock Distilling - Maryland Heritage White Whiskey label
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Grand Opening Schedule

McClintock Distilling located at 35 South Carrol Street will be open free of charge from noon until 8pm December 3 and 4, 2016. Visitors to the distillery will be treated to a half ounce sampling flight of the initial core products from the McClintock line, which include Epiphany Vodka, Forager Gin and Maryland-Heritage White Whiskey.

McClintock Distilling Construction Photos


McClintock Distilling - Equipment Delivered
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McClintock Distilling - Distillery Equipment Set Up
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McClintock Distilling - Ready for Grand Opening
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