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The state of Kentucky is home to 95% of the world’s supply of bourbon. In fact the states bourbon barrel inventory has grown to the point where there are now approximately two barrels of bourbon for every resident in the state.

Kentucky Has More Barrels of Bourbon Than People
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My first thought when I heard the idea that someone proposed making Bourbon the state spirit was, “Wait, Bourbon isn’t already the state spirit?” Apparently the answer is no there is no state spirit. That travesty shall soon be corrected.

Kentucky House of Representative Jim Glenn of Owensboro, Kentucky has submitted Bill Request 284 to “Create a new section of KRS Chapter 2 to designate bourbon as the official state spirit of Kentucky.” If approved, the bill will designate Bourbon as the Spirit of Kentucky.

Kentucky’s General Assembly with take up the resolution to make Bourbon Kentucky’s State Spirit in 2020.

How Many States Have a State Spirit?

Kentucky is not alone to be a state without an official state spirit. Out of all 50 states the best I can tell there are only two states that have an official state spirit.

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It seems a bit odd that a state spirit has a brand name attached to it but that’s the case in both Alabama and Virginia. I can understand Virginia because well, it’s George Washington but Conecuh Ridge Whiskey?

What is Conecuh Ridge Whiskey?

Conecuh Ridge was the location where Clyde May’s originally made his moonshine. The brand is perfectly legal today but ironically it seems as though it’s made in Kentucky and bottled in Florida. Conecuh Ridge announced in 2017 that they plan on building a distillery of their own in Troy, Alabama. One day soon Conecuh Ridge Whiskey will once again be distilled, aged and bottled in Alabama.

And now, 47 more states to go. Cheers!

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