Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine is introducing their new spokesperson, Gatlin T. Wolf III as a part of phase two of their all-new “C’mon Live A Little” marketing campaign.

The company says, Gatlin T. Wolf III embodies everything Ole Smoky stands for: living in the now, taking chances, and instigating mischievous behavior. The inspiration behind the wolf is the red wolf that roams the Appalachian Mountains. With his dapper style and confident aura, Gatlin represents the modern drinking man. The goal of the campaign is to reach out to a broader audience, therefore the brand wanted to create a character that relates to millennials.

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This is the second phase in their latest video marketing campaign. Their first “C’mon Live a Little” video (below) has garnered an impressive 1 million views on YouTube in just over 30 days. This second phase of the campaign will include three 15-second vignette videos, created by Standard Time, a Los Angeles based creative shop. Each video begins with ordinary people going about their daily lives until the call of the wolf.

“Because we are going after millennials with the new campaign, we are utilizing digital strategies to reach this target audience,” says Matt Seigel, VP and Head of LA at VaynerMedia. “This will help ensure Ole Smoky Moonshine stands out from its competitors.”

“Ole Smoky Moonshine is all about taking chances and having fun,” says John Cochran, CEO of Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine. “Gatlin is going to encourage consumers to live a little on the wild side by firing them up to try our moonshine. Who wouldn’t want to take a shot of moonshine to kick start the night?”

Phase 1, C’mon Live A Little

Phase 2, Answer The Call

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