Ghost Coast Distillery - 641 Indian St, Savannah, Georgia, 31401

Ghost Coast Distillery in Savannah, Georgia has announced it has shifted its distilled spirits manufacturing to the production of hand sanitizer to help fulfill an important community need in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the region. The distillery will start to produce Daisy Maze Hand Sanitizer for essential organizations and individuals in short supply.

General Manager and co-founder Chris Sywassink says that bottling will begin within the first two weeks of April, and the priority will be getting the hand sanitizer to first responders and medical personnel, with a goal of continuing production for the general public’s use.

“Hand sanitizer is something that has been in short supply, and we evaluated our process and determined that was something we could produce pretty easily. Ghost Coast has always had a goal of giving back to our community. It really was a no-brainer, once we got the go-ahead from the powers that be,” said Sywassink.

Daisy Maze Hand Sanitizer will be an 80% alcohol, topical antiseptic solution. The sanitizer will be first available in two sizes (750mL and 1L bottles) and may be purchased directly through Ghost Coast Distillery’s sales department. The initial goal is to package over 24,000 bottles, equalling well over 5,000 gallons of the bacteria and virus-killing solution. Ghost Coast is taking extra precautions to protect their workers and others by only accepting payment over the phone, then offering contact-free curbside pickup.

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