1933 Newsreel with Repeal of Prohibition

This 1933 newspaper newsreel tells the story of what happened immediately after the passing of the 21st Amendment. After 13 long dry years living with the 18th Amendment, the good times were set to begin again. As you will hear from the news announcer, the distilled spirits industry creates thousands upon thousands of jobs far beyond the walls of the distillery. Once again, the country is putting farmers, distillers, coopers, bottlers, transportation professionals, hotels, bar owners and even tax collectors back to work.  This 13 year failed experiment cost the United States Federal Government $11 billion in lost revenue while costing more than $300 million to enforce.

Industry Booms as States Vote Repeal of Prohibition Law.

The decisive vote of the 36th state against prohibition is happy news for the grain raisers of the United States and for many others throughout the land.

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With an eye on December 5th, work is being rushed in distilleries and bottling works.

Thousands are being called back to work in plants of allied industries. At least 500,000 new jobs are predicted as the result of repeal. Drum keg and barrel factories grabbed the most closely allied lines.

Immediate benefits from repeal extend into almost every line of business and commerce. However, everyone’s not waiting until December 15th, the lid is off in many places! With the downfall of prohibition being celebrated in real, old-time hilarity. Yes, and by the renewal of old acquaintances.

Hotels and night clubs report a real pre-war spirit among those revelers!

Why? Uh oh, there’ll be no more scenes such as this: barrel after barrel of prized whiskeys destroyed by Government agents. It’s going to be a cold winter for the barrel busters!

1933 Newsreel Announcing the End of Prohibition

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