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Prohibition - Takes Effect January 17, 1920

Vintage 1932 Footage of The Prohibitionist Party Convention – Get on the Water Wagon [VIDEO]

It was 100 years ago on January 17, 1920 that Prohibition officially went into effect.
The City of New York - Prohibition of Alcohol Advertisements on City Property, Signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio April 26, 2019

NYC Announces Prohibition of Alcohol Advertisements on City Property – Welcome Back to 1919

In a legal action hearkening back to 1919 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
Prohibition - Ratification Map-Chart, The 18th Amendment to the Constitution Providing for National Prohibition was Ratified by 36 States on January 16, 1919

Which States Were the First to Ratify the 18th Amendment to the Constitution? You May Be Surprised

In the modern world, we have infographics to help share stories in an interesting graphical
100 Years Ago Today - Nation Votes Itself Dry, January 16, 1919

100 Years Ago Today U.S. Votes Itself Dry – 18th Amendment Ratified into Law January 16, 1919

100 years ago today, on January 16, 1919 the United States of America voted itself
Why is the U.S. Alcohol Market So, So Complex [BrandScape]

Why is the U.S. Alcohol Market So Complex? The Answer is in These 4 Documents [BrandScape]

I’m often asked, “How come the US alcohol market is so complicated?” Distillers, importers, retailers,
New York Times - Prohibition Repeal is Ratified at 5.32pm, Dec 5, 1933

Repeal of Prohibition Ratified at 5:32pm 1933 – 13 Year Failed Experiment Ends

The timing is very interesting, as the U.S. Government works to pass the first major
1933 Newsreel with Repeal of Prohibition

1933 Video Newsreel: Distillery Business Booming after Repeal of Prohibition

This 1933 newspaper newsreel tells the story of what happened immediately after the passing of
Prohibition Yesterday and Today Infographic Cover

The United States of Prohibition Timeline Infographic

January 16, 1919, the United States of America ratified the 18th Amendment making it illegal
Carrie A Nation for Prohibition 2

The Road to Prohibition: Carrie A. Nation – The Hatchet Wielding Joint Smasher

Accurately described as “A six foot tall stevedore with the face of a prison warden
The Road to Prohibition: Abridged

The Road to Prohibition: Abridged 1620 to 1920

131 years after the first Temperance Society was formed in the United States, the group


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