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The Absinthe Drinker by Viktor Oliva

Absinthe – The Life and Death of the Green Fairy

Few drinks are more falsely persecuted or misunderstood than that of absinthe. Despite Hippocrates learning
The History of the Sazerac Cocktail and its Apothecary Roots

The History of the Sazerac Cocktail and its Apothecary Roots

On June 23, 2008 Louisiana Legislature immortalized the cocktail formerly known by the name Sazerac,
Death of Madam Geneva - Puss & Mew

The History of Gin – Part 3: From Debauchery to Modern Day Decadence

From its discovery by the English during the Dutch War of Independence, Gin’s evolutionary journey
1736 Dram Drinker

The History of Gin – Part 2: The Boom and Drunken Bust

Established in 1575, the Bols Distillery in Amsterdam, Holland remains the world’s oldest surviving distilled
The History of Gin - Part 1 Conflict and Decadance

The History of Gin – Part 1: Conflict and Decadence

Few drinks in history can claim a past with as much conflict and decadence as
Carrie A Nation for Prohibition 2

The Road to Prohibition: Carrie A. Nation – The Hatchet Wielding Joint Smasher

Accurately described as “A six foot tall stevedore with the face of a prison warden
Night Jar Inca Cocktail

The Future of Insect Infused Cocktails – Tastes a lot like Bacon (and Whiskey)

No more is the caliber of a cocktail bartender defined by the number of recipes

The Definitive Lego Guide to the Female Hipster Bartender [Infographic]

No matter where your life may take you, to the farthest ends of the earth

Understanding Oak Barrel Maturation – Part 3: Location, Location, Location

Oak, it’s the mark of premium. We pay more for every year a bottle is

Ice Harvesting – Part 2: Storage, techniques and tools

Producing upwards of 8 million tons a year, the annual harvest in ice was more


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