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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Historic OFC Distillery Fermenation Tank Discovered, Renovated and in Use, Full Fermenter in Production

Buffalo Trace Restarts Col. E.H. Taylor Jr’s 1883 Fermentation Tank for the 1st Time in a Century

Nearly a century after his death in 1922, Col. E.H. Taylor Jr. is still making
Brown-Forman Cooperage - The Anatomy of a Barrel

A Day on the Trail: A Behind the Scenes Tour of the Brown-Forman Cooperage [Video]

You’ll often hear distillers say that as much as 50% of a bourbons flavor and
Michter's Distillery - Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery on Louisville's Whiskey Row

Michter’s Distillery Announces Opening Date for Whiskey Row Fort Nelson Distillery

Back in 2011, Joseph Magliocco and Michter’s Distillery purchased the historic Fort Nelson building on
Prohibition - Ratification Map-Chart, The 18th Amendment to the Constitution Providing for National Prohibition was Ratified by 36 States on January 16, 1919

Which States Were the First to Ratify the 18th Amendment to the Constitution? You May Be Surprised

In the modern world, we have infographics to help share stories in an interesting graphical
100 Years Ago Today - Nation Votes Itself Dry, January 16, 1919

100 Years Ago Today U.S. Votes Itself Dry – 18th Amendment Ratified into Law January 16, 1919

100 years ago today, on January 16, 1919 the United States of America voted itself
Southern Distilling Company - Limited Time Aggressive Pricing on Contract Distillation Services

Southern Distilling Company’s Expansion Opens Up Contract Distillation Discounts [BrandScape]

Southern Distilling Company located in Statesville, North Carolina, is one of the nation’s largest state-of-the-art
Old Forester Distillery - Old Forester Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

Old Forester Spices up the Lineup with Introduction of Old Forester Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

Similar to the rye grain that makes it spicy, the entire rye category is hot.
Separating Fact from Fiction When It Comes to Control States

Debunking the Boozy Boogeyman: Separating Fact from Fiction When It Comes to Control States [BrandScape]

Everyone loves a good urban legend. One of my favorites is Bloody Mary – the
Distillery Trail's 2018 Most Popular Stories and Distilleries

Distillery Trail’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories and Distilleries of 2018

2018 has been an amazing year for the distilled and craft spirits industry. The year
Kentucky Peerless Distilling - Head Distiller Caleb Kilburn Promoted to Master Distiller

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Promotes Head Distiller Caleb Kilburn to Master Distiller

Like most distilleries across the country, Prohibition was the death nail for Distilled Spirits Plant


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