Southern Distilling Company - Limited Time Aggressive Pricing on Contract Distillation Services

Southern Distilling Company located in Statesville, North Carolina, is one of the nation’s largest state-of-the-art craft spirits distilleries. The distillery owned and operated by husband and wife entrepreneurs Pete and Vienna Barger opened in 2017 and thanks to a recent expansion is in a unique position to offer craft spirits production services to new and existing clients at below market pricing for a limited period of time.

Co-Founder Pete Barger said, “At our distillery, we produce premium quality, grain to glass spirits that allow our clients to create custom mash bills at low minimums and truly differentiate their brand to stand out among the competition. Right now, we have excess capacity and therefore, for a limited time, we are offering below market pricing to clients ready to act quickly. Interested clients can be guaranteed the superior quality production and collaborative partner experience that has become our hallmark.”

Southern Distilling Company is now offering contract distillation services including distillation, private label production, co-packaging, barrel storage and brokering at competitive prices. Learn More Here…

Choose Your Spirit and Mash Bill – Bourbon, Rye or Single Malt Whiskey?

Southern Distilling Company’s state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff provides the highest level of quality control while allowing for maximum flexibility. It is a turnkey, grain to glass, certified craft distillery, focused on bourbon, rye, and American single malt whiskeys, that encourages contract clients to custom define their product and mash bill. Barger added, “It is our mission to work collaboratively with our contract clients to create craft-made spirits that are authentically their own. Our recent capacity expansion allows us to provide these services immediately and at a great value while we strive to fill our pipeline.”

Southern Distilling Company boasts a 25,000 square foot distillery offering a full range of contract distilling services including:

  • Distillation & Bulk Spirits Production – State-of-the-art 18” diameter, 40 foot tall copper and stainless continuous column still from Vendome Copper & Brass Works, with annual production capacity of 500,000 proof gallons; integrated fermentation and distillation control systems; ample bulk grain storage facility; grain production contracts; on-site milling; 5,000 gallon jacketed stainless steel fermentation tanks; 2,500 gallon stainless steel mash cooker; dedicated small batch copper and stainless pot still system; first-class quality control and assurance procedures.
  • Private Label Production & Co-Packaging – blending and batching barrel-aged and unaged spirits of any type; versatile bottling line that can fill and label a variety of bottle shapes and sizes; easy access finished goods warehousing.
  • Bonded Warehouse Barrel Storage & Barrel Brokering – High bay, fully sprinklered, bonded barrel storage warehouse; new and used barrels available for purchase and/or filling.

“With the explosive growth in American whiskeys, there is no greater example of segment opportunity than with premium and super-premium craft made spirits”, added Co-Founder Vienna Barger. “At Southern Distilling Company, we have the facility, services, expertise and collaborative approach that together, allow us to deliver the spirits our clients desire. We are excited to offer limited time, highly competitive pricing to allow clients to bring their dreams to fruition.”


Southern Distilling Company is one of the nation’s largest craft spirits makers. It’s now offering contract distillation services including distillation, private label production, co-packaging, barrel storage and brokering at competitive prices. Learn More Here…

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