Distillery Trail's 2018 Most Popular Stories and Distilleries

2018 has been an amazing year for the distilled and craft spirits industry. The year started out with a big win as distillers enjoyed a reduction in their Federal Excise Tax (FET) for the first time since the Civil War. The number of active DSPs continued to grow and now exceeds more than 1800 active distilleries across the country. The tales we covered throughout the year run the gambit from startups to acquisitions to failures, from once dead distilleries reopening after 50 years of darkness to experiments with different grains and mashbills. And to close out the year, the TTB released a 132 page proposal asking for public comment on proposed changes in rulings and definitions. Most of these are just clarifications of modern practices while others are head scratchers like trying to restrict barrel sizes to 50 gallons.

We look forward to meeting more and more of you as we continue to share Tales from the Trail in the New Year!

Without further ado, here’s DistilleryTrail’s top 10 most popular stories and distilleries from 2018. Cheers!

Top 10 Most Popular Stories of 2018

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  1. Heaven Hill Distillery Announces 11 Year Old Bottled-in-Bond Old Fitzgerald Bourbon Series
  2. Buffalo Trace Fans Build Their Perfect W.L. Weller C.Y.P.B. Bourbon – Just Don’t Check the Math
  3. Maker’s Mark Releasing Limited Edition Triple Crown Winner ‘Justify’ Bottle & Exclusive Signing Opportunity
  4. Buffalo Trace Distillery Tourism About to Make a Splash with Kentucky River Boat Tours
  5. Artwork on 2018 Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 144 Bottle is “Dream Come True”
  6. A Day on the Trail: Hard Truth Distilling Goes from Micro to Largest Craft Distillery in Indiana
  7. Tamworth Distilling Releases Bourbon Flavored with Beaver Castor Sacs
  8. Kentucky Lawmakers Pass Bill to Allow Direct to Consumer Shipments of Bourbon
  9. Bob Dylan is Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Whiskey’s Door with Launch of Heaven’s Door Whiskey
  10. The Complete List: American Craft Spirits Association 2018 Award Winners

Top 10 Most Popular Distilleries of 2018

James E. Pepper Distillery - Original Pepper Plant Plan #12 and 2017 Distillery Photo
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  1. Glencoe Distillery
  2. Town Branch Distillery
  3. Six Mile Creek Distillery (Opening Soon.)
  4. Virgil Kaine Low Country Whiskey Co
  5. Southern Tier Distilling
  6. Boone County Distilling
  7. Gibson Distilling Inc.
  8. Southern Distilling Company
  9. Casey Jones Distillery
  10. Hard Truth Distilling

Top 10 Most Popular Distilleries by State for 2018

USA Distillery Map
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  1. North Carolina
  2. Ohio
  3. Texas
  4. Virginia
  5. Alabama
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Indiana
  8. Mississippi
  9. California
  10. Kentucky

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