Independent Stave Company Barrel

Independent Stave Company has announced plans to expand cooperage operations in the United States to increase production of barrels for the spirits industry. Plans include the construction of a new cooperage in Morehead, KY as well as the expansion and modernization of current cooperages in Missouri and Kentucky.

The cooperage operations expansion is possible due to the success of Independent Stave Company’s fifth and sixth domestic stave mills in Morehead and Benton, Kentucky. Morehead Wood Products began production in 2015, followed by the construction and opening of Benton Wood Products in late 2017.

“The two new stave mills continue to outperform our expectations,” said Brad Boswell, Independent Stave Company CEO and fourth generation cooper. “Our Independent Stave Company engineering team, the incredible local work force and an increase in log supply has paved the way for cooperage expansion.”

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The company will construct a new state-of-the art cooperage in Morehead, KY. Construction on this multi-year project is scheduled to begin next year. The cooperage will produce barrels for the spirits industry, primarily the booming bourbon business. Construction is expected to cost $66.5 million with tax incentives recently approved by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

In addition, ISCO is currently investing $28 million to expand and modernize existing cooperages in Marion County, Kentucky and Lebanon, Missouri. Projects include phasing in modern equipment, modifying floor plans to improve work flow, the addition of a training and technical center.

“We have deep roots and supportive communities and we will continue to invest in our people and develop our workforce,” Boswell said. “The modernization projects and the new cooperage are centered around crafting world-class barrels in a safe, comfortable and efficient environment.

Independent Stave Company was founded in Lebanon, MO by the Boswell family in 1912. It serves customers in more than 40 countries.

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