Steve and Paul Beam at Limestone Branch Distillery Release Party for Yellowstone

After 105 year absence, Yellowstone Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has returned back home to Kentucky and the Beam family. Steve and Paul Beam, descendants of the original Yellowstone Bourbon brand, hosted a launch party during the Kentucky Bourbon Festival to share their latest release with the public. The two brothers were like a new Daddy announcing the birth of their first child.

Packed Room at the Yellowstone Launch Party
Limestone Branch Distillery to Release Yellowstone KY Straight Bourbon
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It’s a little bit overwhelming that everybody turned out like this.  It’s really an important part for our family to bring the brand back into the roots where it started, it’s exciting that it’s back in Bardstown, Nelson County, this whole south Nelson, Marion County where it started. It’s just very exciting. The one thing to bring through tonight is that everyone knows we have the last name Beam, but our grandmother on the other side was a Dant and that’s where Yellowstone kind of originated with that side. My mom was always very, very proud of her heritage and she instilled that in us and it really helped form my desire to get back into the business  and bring the family back to the business.
~ Steve Beam, Co-Founder and President of Limestone Branch Distillery

It’s a great feeling to bring Yellowstone back to the family. I know that to bring Yellowstone back to the following that it once had and I know that there are people up above that are looking down and smiling, all the Beams and the Dants at this time and you know, you want to thank all the people at Limestone Branch and at Luxco who made this happen and this beautiful event here tonight and what’s the most exciting thing about it all is that it’s just beginning and there’s so much in front of us and so much to happen here in the future.
~ Paul Beam, Co-Founder of Limestone Branch Distillery

Steve and Paul founded Limestone Branch Distillery in 2011. In January 2015 Luxco of St. Louis, MO, a privately owned producer and marketer of distilled beverages and liqueurs announced that they had acquired a 50% equity position in Limestone Branch Distillery. Limestone Branch Distillery is now operated jointly by the two companies.  The new venture is what brought the Yellowstone bourbon brand back to its Kentucky roots. Yellowstone was originally produced in 1872 by J. Bernard Dant’s distillery and later in the distillery built by M.C. Beam that was sold to the Dant family. Luxco acquired the Yellowstone brand in 1993. As a part of the deal with Luxco, Limestone Branch Distillery and the Beam family once again own the Yellowstone brand and intellectual property rights.

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It’s awesome to see this kind of excitement and enthusiasm from any company as they release a new product. It’s especially touching when you consider the 100+ years of history that goes along with this announcement.

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