Boundary Oak Distillery was the first legal distillery in Hardin County, Kentucky since prohibition and now, it’s also the second legal distillery there as well. Owner and Master Distiller Brent Goodin has announced plans to build a second distillery in Radcliff, Kentucky. The deal is still pending some final signatures but, if all goes as planned, the distillery will be open to visitors as early as the summer of 2015. The new location will allow Goodin to obtain a license to sell samples and bottles of his product, an important ability to attract bourbon tourists.

Location, location, location.

We’ve all heard what matters in real estate is location and the same holds true here for a distillery. Boundary Oak is a Craft member of the Kentucky Distiller’s Association but his location will allow him to take advantage of some of the Kentucky Distillers Association Heritage (large) members. The new distillery will be near Kentucky Interstate 65 , an often traveled route for bourbon lover’s on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Boundary Oaks will be near Jim Beam, Heaven Hill, Barton Distillery and Maker’s Mark. In 2014 the Kentucky Bourbon Trail set a new record of more than 725,000 visitors traveling around the state of Kentucky. Goodin hopes that his distillery will be a part of the tourist boom this summer.

Boundary Oak Distillery - Brent Goodin Master Distiller
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Brent Goodin Master Distiller of Boundary Oak Distillery

Boundary Oaks Distillery first started it’s production process in October 2013 on his family farm outside Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The company says it uses local ingredients when possible, including corn, rye wheat and grains from the Hardin County area. It manufactures its own white oak barrels and bottles and labels its own products on it’s family farm. It’s that family farm that has the all important limestone spring water that allows them to make a spirit that is unique to Kentucky. Ironically, the new location won’t have it’s own water source but, Goodin says,

“I’ll tote water from here to Radcliff…without the water, we are just nothing. You need that Kentucky spring water.”

It’s Kentucky Moonshine 101 is now available at select retailers and in the winter of 2016-17, will introduce its first small-batch bourbon, Boundary Oak Founder’s First Batch.

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