Buffalo Trace Distillery - 2016 Visitor Statistics

According to the U.S. Forestry Service Department of Agriculture long before humans crossed our great land many traces or trails were laid down over hundreds of years by herds of deer, elk and buffalo. These beautiful wild animals were grazing in search of salt springs, fresh water and back to grazing areas.

It seems not much has changed over the centuries except this time; it’s the humans that are following the trails in record numbers, in search of a combination of fermented grains and limestone rich water that leads them to Buffalo Trace Distillery on the banks of the Kentucky River.

Buffalo Trace Distillery Visits Up More Than 17% in 2016

Visitors continue to travel to the banks of the Kentucky River as they visit Buffalo Trace Distillery in record numbers. For the year ending Dec. 31, 2016, this National Historic Landmark Distillery entertained 170,587 guests, an increase of 17% over the previous year.  Since 2010, Buffalo Trace has seen an astonishing 227% growth in visitation.

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Add that to the discovery last year of Buffalo Trace’s “Bourbon Pompeii,” the early foundation and fermenting vats dating back to 1873, the arrival of its millionth visitor, and its announcement of a $200 million dollar investment, which will include more barrel warehouses, it was a very eventful year.

Buffalo Trace Distillery - OFC Distillery, Bourbon Bourbon Pompeii
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“We continue to surprise even ourselves with the volume of guests we are welcoming weekly,” said Meredith Moody, marketing services director.  “We are already looking at additional ways to expand our Visitor Center which just went through an expansion last year, and we’re looking at adding another tour to join our current five complimentary tours already in place.”

“We’re excited about what the future holds for Buffalo Trace Distillery. We’ve definitely not resting on our laurels but looking for more and better ways to enhance the visitor experience,” added Moody.

Buffalo Trace Distillery is based in Frankfort, Kentucky. The Distillery’s traditions date back to 1773 and includes such legends as E.H. Taylor, Jr., George T. Stagg, Albert B. Blanton, Orville Schupp, and Elmer T. Lee.

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Resource – A History of the Daniel Boone National Forest

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