Forty Creek Distillery - Campari Invests $5 Million into distillery renovations

Campari Canada has announced an investment of $5 million for the renovation and redevelopment of their Grimsby, Ontario distillery for Forty Creek Canadian Whisky. The investment is another milestone in the European company’s strategy to make Canada a priority market for investment and innovation.

Woody Creek Distillery
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Campari acquired Forty Creek Distillery in 2014 for $184 million along with its portfolio of brands including whisky, vodka, brandy, rum and liqueurs. Internationally-recognized for its superior taste and quality, the multi-award winning Forty Creek Whisky serves as both the fastest growing brand in its category across North America and Canada’s first successfully launched whisky brand in over 70 years. Since 2014, Gruppo Campari has invested well over $200-million, including Woody Creek in Canada as part of a global strategy to prioritize the Canadian market.

“We recognize the Canadian domestic market represents a huge opportunity for growth,” said Campari Canada President Massimo Mottura. “The retooled and improved Grimsby facility will allow Campari Canada to serve the market more efficiently and ensure we keep jobs here in Canada.”

“Our government is working to make sure Ontario is able to compete and succeed in today’s rapidly changing global market. One of the ways we are doing this is by increasing access and export capacity for our businesses,” said the Hon. Michael Chan, Minister of International Trade. “Through the province’s leadership in modern international trade agreements like the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic Free Trade Agreement (CETA), we are ensuring our domestic businesses can meet the demand of consumers in some of the world’s largest markets like Europe.”

“We’re thrilled that Campari is investing and expanding in Ontario,” said Hon. Brad Duguid, Minister of Economic Development and Growth. “This is a tremendous vote of confidence in our people, in our economy and in the work we have been doing together to make Ontario one of the best places in the world to invest and do business.”

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Campari Builds $1.3 Million Office in Toronto

Forty Creek Distillery - Barrel Select Whisky
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In 2015, Gruppo Campari invested in $1.3-million to establish a Canadian head office in Toronto. Since setting up Canadian operations, the company has added 70 new Canadian jobs. These new positions include 13 marketing positions, 17 in finance, eight in production, 25 in sales, two in human resources and five senior executives.

“Ontario is a diverse place to do business and our citizens come from all over world,” said Hon. Laura Albanese, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. “This diversity gives us a competitive advantage and makes Ontario an attractive place to find talent.”

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