Spirits 360 Solutions - Spirits 360 Partners with Emcompass + Orchestra Software to Expand Distilled Spirits Ecommerce Solutions

The Direct-to-Consumer market for distilled spirits is continuing to heat up. As the laws governing distilled spirits shipping from state to state begin to open up the opportunity for craft spirits makers and the companies that support them continue to grow.

There are now at least 10 states plus Washington, DC that allow some form of interstate and intrastate shipping of distilled spirits with several more states considering similar changes to their laws.

Spirits 360 Solutions - Offering Direct to Consumer Shipping of Distilled Spirits
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Distilled spirits ecommerce provider Spirits 360 Solutions has announced a partnership agreement with Encompass + Orchestra to provide Orchestra customers the Spirits360 Direct to Consumer (DTC) SaaS platform, allowing Orchestra craft distillers to sell their craft products directly to consumers in states that allow DTC.

“Encompass + Orchestra is a strategic partner for our continued growth in the craft breweries and distilleries,” said Spirits360 President Patrick Dorsey. “We quickly realized that we share many customers, and the Spirits360 platform can benefit from integration with Orchestra and enhance our direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform, accessing key inventory and operational data in real-time enabling Orchestra customers to maximize their eCommerce sales channel.”

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Bill Kraich, Vice President of eCommerce Orchestra Software + Encompass added, “Spirits360 is a great tool for brands to utilize to fulfill direct-to-consumer orders. We are thrilled to have Spirits360 join PartnerLink, and we look forward to seeing how Spirits360 will be able to use integration to enhance an already great product.”

Encompass + Orchestra - Distilled Spirits Ecommerce Solutions
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The Spirits360 platform offers a distillery, winery, or brewery a custom branded online sales channel including a state-of-the-art eCommerce website for easy-to-use, compliant ordering, an admin portal to manage orders, inventory, and customers, a compliance engine to manage evolving laws and taxes, as well as integrated shipping, point-of-sale, club, and tour scheduling solution for tasting rooms and tours.

Encompass + Orchestra provides a comprehensive network of software solutions to help suppliers, producers, distributors, and retailers increase operational efficiency and manage growth effectively. The system works to connect the three-tier system, giving the industry a single source for operations, data, and decision-making.

Encompass + Orchestra was formed in October 2020 when Encompass Technologies and Orchestra Software merged. Each company has played a major role in building the foundation for the beverage industry and serving as the system of record and operations in their respective markets.

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