Charleston Distilling Co. Bar Area

It’s often said that any press is good press but, do you really want to be a finalist in the “Best Restroom in America” contest? Well, that’s exactly what happened for one distillery in Charleston, South Carolina.

Where’s Your Distilleries No. 1 Selfie Spot?

Do you have that one location in your distillery that always ends up on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Trip Advisor or Facebook? That one spot where all your distillery tour guests break out the selfie stick? (Duck face optional.) If you don’t, you should. What better way to spread the word about your handmade craft spirits than to have your guests share the story.

A Restroom Inside a Whiskey Barrel

Charleston Distilling Co.

in Charleston, South Carolina has that spot. It’s the two giant oak barrels they built in the middle of their distillery that lead to the restrooms. These two giant barrels came in runner up No. 2 in last year’s Best Restroom in America contest. When asked what guests visiting the distillery think about the barrels Stephen Heilman, one of the owners of Charleston Distilling said, “The usual response is that people say the restroom is very cool. The restroom is part of a lot of Instagram photos!” The custom woodworking of the “barrel” restrooms fit the atmosphere and décor of the distillery and its tasting room. So belly up to the bar and order a round – it’s a trip you won’t forget!

One of the cool things about this award is that it was totally customer driven. Alison Curry, Event Sales Manager for Charleston Distilling said, “They had no idea about the contest. Someone entered us. We found out because Charleston City Paper called us to let us know about it.”

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How simple, how elegant, how smart is that? Take a look at the photo’s below that tell the story of this beautiful distillery built with tourism and a great customer experience in mind.

When asked how they felt about coming in runner up No. 2 they said, “It’s stinks but in the end, we didn’t want to get into a smear campaign. We’re hoping to make it to No. 1 this year.” ~ Said No One

Charleston Distilling Company Double Barrel Restrooms
Charleston Distilling Co. Barrel Restrooms
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Charleston Distilling Company Restroom Interior
Charleston Distilling Co. Restroom Interior
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Charleston Distilling Co Copper Sink
Charleston Distilling Co. Restroom Copper Sink
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Charleston Distilling Co Stills
Charleston Distilling Co. Stills
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Charleston Distilling Co Bar
Charleston Distilling Co. Bar Area
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Don’t Stall – Nominate Your Favorite Public Restroom Today!

Know a public restroom that you would like to nominate? You can enter it for the 15th annual “America’s Best Restroom Contest” here. The deadline is Sept. 16, 2016. Ten finalists will be announced in fall 2016, based on cleanliness, visual appeal, innovation, functionality and unique design elements.

They say the winner was chosen by the process of elimination. Ok, done for now.

No. 1 Went to a Public Restroom in Minturn, CO
Minturn 1st Prize in America's Best Restroom
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