Jim Beam Double Oaked Kentuckty Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The charred white oak barrel that bourbon matures in creates all the color and 50% to 75% of a bourbons flavor. What better way to come up with a new bourbon release than to experiment with the barrel. This is exactly what the Jim Beam Distillery has done with its latest release of Jim Beam Double Oak. If one new charred white oak barrel is good why not double it?

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They have taken their standard Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged four years then transferred it to a second, newly charred American oak barrel for finishing. The bourbon rests in the second barrel anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on the temperature of the warehouses during the aging process.The distillery says the new Jim Beam Double Oak bourbon has an even deeper level of intense spiced oakiness and rich caramel, creating a unique bourbon encounter.

“I’m excited to experiment with the double barrel aging process used to create Jim Beam Double Oak,” said Fred Noe, 7th Generation Master Distiller, Jim Beam. “Secondary aging delivers an added complexity to the taste profile and that makes for a unique, premium bourbon experience.

Jim Beam Double Oak will begin hitting shelves this month. It is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed in classic American cocktails or as Fred often says, “Any damn way you please!” The suggested retail price of the new Jim Beam Double Oak Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is $22.00 for 750ML.

How’d They Do That? Here’s the Jim Beam Double Oak process explained in this infographic.

Jim Beam Double Oaked Kentuckty Straight Bourbon Whiskey Infographic
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Jim Beam Double Oaked Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Jim Beam Double Oaked Kentuckty Straight Bourbon Whiskey
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