Kilchoman is a unique farm distillery and this animation takes you through all the stages of production, from growing barley in the fields around the distillery to hand bottling on site.

The animated video is a simple and clever way to teach people about the entire distilling process. Watch as it goes through these steps.

  • Harvesting the barley
  • Steep the barley
  • Raking the barley
  • Kiln drying the barley
  • Milling the barley
  • Mash tun
  • Washback and adding the yeast
  • Wash still
  • Spirit still
  • Aging in barrels
  • Time, lots of time
  • And finally, bottling “The Water of Life”

One step that’s missing – pouring a nice glass of the final product. You have to have that step!

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