Gopuff - Intant Delivery Service Acquires Kentucky's Liquor Barn Stores

If there is one thing that the 2020-2021 lockdowns have taught us it’s that people are willing to shop online for just about everything and liquor is no exception. And when they do shop online getting product in a few days is so old school, no, today’s consumers want their orders delivered pronto within 24 hours or better yet 24 minutes. And now a service called Gopuff is here to serve those instant micro delivery needs for cleaning supplies, over-the-counter medicine, food, electronics, baby essentials, drinks and of course alcohol.

Gopuff - Instant Delivery Service
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One of the companies leading the instant delivery marketplace is Gopuff. An instant ordering and delivery service now with some presence in 43 states. And now as Gopuff continues to expand it has announced the acquisition of Liquor Barn, one of Kentucky’s leading independent chains of beer, wine and liquor stores, from private equity firm Blue Equity. The deal, which provides Gopuff with access to Liquor Barn’s valuable infrastructure, established customer base, and unique product assortment, further accelerates Gopuff’s scale and cements its leadership in the Instant Needs category.

Altogether (as of this writing) Gopuff and its micro-delivery service has 250+ facilities delivering to 550+ cities with new facilities being added all the time.

Liquor Barn
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“We’re thrilled to partner with Liquor Barn, an incredible brand and team with loyal customers, as we bring the Gopuff experience to new customers across Kentucky,” said Daniel Folkman, Gopuff’s SVP Business. “This acquisition brings two customer-focused brands together to introduce new products and experiences while rapidly accelerating Gopuff’s geographic footprint in the region as we continue our expansion. We look forward to welcoming Liquor Barn to the team, becoming more deeply entrenched in the Bluegrass State and serving as a go-to solution for new customers to fulfill their most sought-after instant needs.”

Gopuff - Co-founders Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev
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Gopuff Co-founders Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev.

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The acquisition significantly accelerates Gopuff’s expansion in Kentucky and provides more customers in the state — including more than 80% of Louisville and Lexington residents — with access to immediate delivery of everyday items, including baby and pet products, cleaning supplies, over-the-counter medicine, food and alcohol, along with local favorites. The deal uniquely positions Gopuff to support Kentucky’s bourbon industry and its thousands of employees by working with distributors to expand access to products nationwide — and introduce products to new customers within the state via instant delivery.

“As a customer-focused business, we are delighted to partner with Gopuff given their extraordinary commitment to the customer experience. Through this partnership, we will continue to deliver beer, wine and spirits and will add thousands of new items that our customers need in everyday life. We are excited to join Gopuff in their mission and forge the future of the Instant Needs category together,” said Jonathan Blue, Chairman of Blue Equity and Liquor Barn. “The Liquor Barn team has built a trusted, strong brand, and Gopuff is the ideal partner to bolster the business into this next era of growth and meet customers’ evolving needs. We look forward to working closely with Gopuff as we integrate Liquor Barn into their business and serving as strategic advisors on alcohol related initiatives.”

The Liquor Barn, Party Mart and DEP’s footprint of 23 stores provides infrastructure for Gopuff to integrate into its network of micro-fulfillment centers. Gopuff and Blue Equity will work in partnership to integrate Liquor Barn’s customer loyalty, talent, industry expertise, and convenient locations with Gopuff’s assortment of everyday essentials and technology-enabled instant delivery.

Blue Equity acquired Liquor Barn from Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd., a publicly traded company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 2017. The stores range in size from 2,700 square feet to 30,000 square feet, with a flagship store that is more than 44,000 square feet.

Gopuff call itself the go-to solution for immediate everyday needs, fulfilling customer orders of cleaning and home products, over-the-counter medications, baby and pet products, food and drinks, and in some markets, alcohol – in just minutes. With micro-fulfillment centers in every market it serves, the company delivers thousands of products quickly for a flat $1.95 delivery charge.

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