Maggie’s Farm Distillery - 3 Year Old Maggie's Farm Sherry Cask Rum Finished in Oloroso Sherry Casks

Maggie’s Farm Rum made by Allegheny Distilling located in the historic Strip District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has released their latest hand crafted rum. This new release is an aged rum that was finished in Oloroso sherry barrels. We reached out to Maggie’s Farm Founder and Head Distiller Tim Russell to get the details on this rums journey from its raw cane roots to the time it was ready for bottling.

Maggie’s Farm made from scratch rums are typically fermented from Louisiana turbinado sugar over a three week period and then pot-distilled in their 1000 Liter Hoga copper pot still.

“All or our rums typically finish off the still 135-140 proof,” said Russell. “We slowly add double carbon filtered water over the course of a day to bring the rum down to entry proof, whether unaged for the bottle or for the barrel. Our barrel entry proof is typically between 100 and 110 proof (these rums all entered barrels at 101.5 proof). Over the course of three years we’ve added more double carbon filtered water to eventually lower the proof to around 90-95. In our warehouse, aged spirits typically increase in proof if left alone. The spirit actually dropped to 86 proof during the month or so between adding to the sherry cask and bottling likely due to large headspace in the new barrel and bottling tank.”

“We proof our rums down in the barrel during the aging period, similar to what cognac distillers do. This would be opposed to the “single dump” method of just adding water all at once to proof down prior to bottling. We believe this preserves flavor and aroma compounds better without having to release something at full cask-strength.”

“This rum was aged in 15 gallon barrels for three years prior to blending, it’s more of a sweet spot I feel for that size, as longer may be too much, considering surface contact and increased evaporation rates. The finishing sherry cask was 250L where it stayed for one month.”

Russell added, “We upgraded to 25 gallon barrels for aging a little over two years ago and we just started filling 53 gallon barrels in 2019.”

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Tasting Notes

Tasting notes provided by the distillery say this rum blend finished in Oloroso sherry butts makes it a herbaceous sipping rum. Russell says he primarily gets dark fruit and almond notes with some vanilla, subtle enough to still be rum, but just enough to know it was finished on sherry.

Maggie’s Farm Sherry Cask Rum is bottled at 86 proof (43% ABV) straight from the cask and has a suggested retail price of $50 for a 750ml bottle. It’s available now at the distillery and throughout Pennsylvania. Distribution is expected to expand to Allegheny Distilling’s other markets beginning in early 2020.

Like most of the distilleries spirits, Maggie’s Farm Sherry Cask Rum will be included in the it’s pet rescue charity program which has donated over $22,000 to animal rescue organizations within in its distribution markets since 2018.

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Maggie’s Farm Sherry Cask Rum

Maggie’s Farm Distillery - 3 Year Old Maggie's Farm Sherry Cask Rum Finished in Oloroso Sherry Casks
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