Iron Heart Canning Co. - Expands Operations for Craft Breweries and Craft Distilleries

Why build a canning line when the canning line can come to you? Iron Heart Canning Co. continues to ramp up production and storage capacity as the beer, wine, cider and spirits industries continue to expand their Ready-to-Drink – RTD product lines.

Iron Heart Canning says it is the nation’s largest mobile cannery offering services in all states east of Illinois. The company recently added added two new warehouse locations, one in Chicago, Ill., and another in Springfield, Mass. Counting these warehouse additions, Iron Heart will have launched five additional canning lines across the company ahead of increased canning demand forecasted for the summer months.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to expand our industry-leading canning services and expertise further into Illinois with a dedicated warehouse in Chicago,” said Founder and CEO Tyler Wille of Iron Heart Canning.

“We’re delighted to begin building new partnerships and serving the community in such a thriving market. The local warehouse in Chicago along with support from our existing warehouse in Kalamazoo, Mich., will allow us to foster our commitment to the local community and provide the flexibility to meet their needs.

“The Western Massachusetts warehouse will allow us to provide better service and flexibility for our local customers in this region where we have serviced customers and continued to grow since the company began.”

Iron Heart Canning was born with a deep desire to foster a new era in the craft beer industry, paving the way for small and middle-market breweries to offer a superior level product on a competitive platform. As they have grown, they have been able to expand their services to other facets of the beverage industry such as cideries, wineries, distilleries, and co-packing facilities.

Iron Heart Canning Co. - Mobile Canning Serivces for Distilled Spirits
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