Grizzly Adams Whiskey Brand

As impawsible as it sounds, there’s a new Grizzly Adams Whiskey brand on its way from Local Choice Spirits. Paula Dezzutti Hewlette, a.k.a: Pixie Paula, founder and CEO of Local Choice Spirits has announced the launch of Grizzly Adams Whiskey.

Founder and CEO of Local Choice Spirits - Paula Dezzutti Hewlette, a.k. Pixie Paula
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Pixie Paula has partnered with Abrams Artists Agency in California to bring Grizzly Adams Whisky to consumers nationwide. This new deal comes off the heels of Tod Swindell, owner of the Grizzly Adams brand rights, approaching Abrams Artists Agency to assist in renewing the excitement of the Grizzly Adams brand name through various multi-platform collaborations.

The legendary mountain man, John “Grizzly” Adams is best recalled for his 1850s adventures near Yosemite where he built a cabin and raised grizzly bears. Many of you may recall the 1974 movie, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams which was followed by a television show of the same name that ran from 1977 to 1978.

Gas Monkey Cinnamon Flavored Tequila
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Local Choice Spirits has many star studded brands in its portfolio.  Pixie Paula has been credited with creating The Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Whiskey, the iconic Gas Monkey Cinnamon Flavored Tequila, Gold Star Veteran’s Vodka, and Gentry Bourbon featured on the reality Bravo TV show, Southern Charm.

Some of Paula’s newest projects include: Bravo’s Housewives of NYC, Countess Luann De Lesseps flavored vodka martini line called “Dirty Olive”, “Sweet Pear” and “Sour Lemon”. Luann de Lesseps adds her own spirits line to her Styled for Living brand, described as “chic made easy.” There’s also a new Countess Vodka Collection to be released this fall.

Hatfield and McCoy Whiskey
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The new Grizzly Adams Whiskey with a target price of $29.99 will be launched domestically and online, followed with international distribution.

Do you think this new whiskey line can claw it’s way to the top of the whiskey market? Let us know in the comments below.

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