Rabbit Hole Distillery - Now Open to the Public

It was October 2016 that Rabbit Hole Distillery Founder and CEO Kaveh Zamanian and about 200 of his closest friends held a blessing of the dirt and ground breaking to kick off construction for Rabbit Hole. In May 2018 they held a ribbon cutting that officially kicked off the Spring distilling season for the distillery and in less than three months of operation they are already running at full capacity. And now, the team at Rabbit Hole is proud to announce they’ve officially opened their doors to the public for tours, tastings and all around good times.

“A Modern Monument to Our Legendary Bourbon Industry”

“When you think about the future of Bourbon tourism and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, this is it!” said Kentucky Distillers’ Association President Eric Gregory. “Our signature bourbon and distilled spirits industry is truly in a golden age. We could not be more impressed with this facility that you’ve built here. It’s absolutely a modern monument to our legendary industry.”

Rabbit Hole is now welcoming guests from all corners of the globe to experience the comprehensive tour program at their 55,000 square foot distillery campus. Unlike the heritage distilleries in Kentucky, there is no history (real or fabricated) for Rabbit Hole. Just like its shiny new steel and glass building, its story is new, it’s built downtown, with a downtown attitude yet it still manages to fully showcase the identity, tradition, and legacy of Bourbon making.

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“We’re opening Kentucky’s newest whiskey distillery. Out of nothing… on a place that was a run-down warehouse and a vacant lot, there is now a building that raises the bar in the science of distillation and the art of hospitality. In the heart of Louisville, a place where midwestern grit and southern hospitality come together, a modernist cathedral is built around the process of making whiskey. At Rabbit Hole, transparency is physically manifested in the building, as windows to every step of the operation is honored and in proud view. We look forward to welcoming enthusiasts and aficionados of bourbon and American whiskey to our home,” said Kaveh Zamanian.

Rabbit Hole says that as guests enter the distillery, they will feel as though they are entering a friend’s home. Upon beginning each tour, guests are greeted with a taste of Rabbit Hole’s signature Kentucky Bourbon, the cornerstone of their spirits collection. And in case you are wondering how they could have their own bourbon already, they’ve been distilling bourbon and rye whiskey for more than two years at another distillery with their own recipe. After this initial taste, guests enter Rabbit Hole’s facility and trace the path of distillation from grain to glass while learning about the intricate philosophies and values of the brand. If you are there at the right time, you’ll see the milled grains running under the floor in a clear tube over to the cooker. Each and every step in the age-old process of producing America’s native spirit is showcased throughout the tour.

Tours will end in OverLook, Rabbit Hole’s signature tasting and cocktail bar, for a showcase of the most important part of the distilling process – sharing a glass of bourbon. The Overlook offers beautiful views of downtown Louisville ensuring guests will be in no hurry to head to their next destination.

The post-tour tasting at OverLook encompasses the entirety of Rabbit Hole’s spirits collection, where guests are guided through an immersive journey into each of the four products all included in the tour – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in PX Sherry Casks – Fingerprint Edition and London Dry Gin Kentucky Rye Barrel Finish – Fingerprint Edition. The guided tasting also teaches guests how to taste bourbon with all five senses, utilizing a take home tasting wheel sharing insight on the process that professionals use to taste spirits.

Tours can be booked through Rabbit Hole’s website or by visiting the distillery.

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