Six Mile Creek Distillery - Distillery Founder Damien Prather and Artisit James N. Muir Unveil 'The Patriot'

Frontier settlers played a pivotal role in establishing early America. They were hardy people that basically did it all. Not necessarily because they wanted to but they had to in order to survive. They were explorers, cartographers, healers, preachers, teachers, hunters, farmers, fighters and patriots. And, lest we forget distillers – after all, they had to do something with all that unused corn.

The Patriot – A 7’ Tall, 706 lb., Bronze Statue

Watch the video above to hear from distillery Founder Damien Prather and Artist James N. Muir at the unveiling.

To celebrate the revolutionary patriot the newly constructed and not yet open to the public Six Mile Creek Distillery located in Pleasureville, Kentucky just unveiled ‘The Patriot’. The new but historically based distillery commissioned world famous allegorical artist James N. Muir to design and build ‘The Patriot.’ Muir was guided by distillery founder Damien Prather, for inspiration and guidance in creating the sculpture.

James N. Muir - Caduceus Sculpture
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What is an allegorical artist?
“Allegorical Art” is a term James Muir uses to describe his work, which is filled with symbology to help create a heightened social, political and spiritual awareness. “The allegorical symbolism in my sculptures bridges the centuries of history to make contemporary statements about the human condition, in order to exemplify the highest qualities of man. My work speaks of Duty, Honor, Courage, Liberty and Justice, but above all, it speaks of Truth and the ultimate triumph of the human spirit”.

Six Mile Creek Distillery has partnered with the Frazier History Museum in Louisville, Kentucky which is also the official home and starting point for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail for the dedication of their statue “The Patriot”. The statue will be on display in the Gateway Garden at the Frazier History Museum for the next four weeks. Admittance to the Gateway Garden and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail visitor center is free and open to the public.

“We’re so honored to have this statue on display in our Gateway Garden,” Frazier President and CEO Penny Peavler said. “It’s a testament to patriotism as well as distilling – one of Kentucky’s oldest and most enduring traditions.”

A Distillery Built on Kentucky’s Revolutionary History & Bourbon

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Prather wanted to build a world-class distillery like never before – a true Kentucky Bourbon experience that tied together Kentucky’s revolutionary history with Kentucky bourbon history. His vision is now the creation of a one-of-a-kind, large timber construction distillery and history park that will feature the statue. Upon completion, the distillery project will span over 200 acres in the heart of bourbon country.

A Statue Covered in Symbolism

Every inch of the statue is covered with something. The closer you look, the more you’ll find. Here are just some of the numerous things you will find on this beautiful bronze-cast statue.

  • Lantern of Light
  • Peace Hawk
  • Kentucky Long Rifle
  • Flintlock “Travel Pistol”
  • Kentucky Long Knife
  • White Oak Tree
  • Multiple Patriotic Tablets
  • Whiskey Jugs

The new distillery sits in Pleasureville, Kentucky about 15 miles from Frankfort, the state’s capital. That puts it within 20 miles of Buffalo Trace Distillery, Castle & Key Distillery, Woodford Reserve Distillery, Jeptha Creed Distillery and the recently completed Bulleit Distilling Co. Once completed visitors will be able to spend the day exploring the distillery, tasting products, and learning the history of restored cabins and a working grist mill. The distillery will also house a 14-room lodge that is now under construction.

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Six Mile Creek Distillery ‘The Patriot’

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