America’s love affair with whiskey is as old as the country. Whiskey making started in the original colonial states then continued Westward ever since. A lot of those original distillers moved westward to stay two steps ahead of the law and landed in Bourbon County, Viriginia. That area of our country today is known as Kentucky, the home to 95% of the worlds bourbon supply.

“Bourbon is part of the soul of Kentucky.”

~Steve Beam, 7th Generation Distiller & Owner of Limestone Branch Distillery

‘Straight Up: Kentucky Bourbon’ was directed by Eric Byford. He continues his award-winning Straight Up documentary series with this story of one of the world’s favorite adult beverages. The story is told by multiple generations of Kentucky’s distillers, historians and suppliers.

“We are entering the Golden Age of Bourbon. The growth is staggering, and it’s providing a tremendous benefit to Kentucky in terms of jobs, tax revenue and millions of investment.”

~Eric Gregory, President, Kentucky Distillers Association

Whiskey production fueled the expansion of America and Kentucky continues to play a major role in the global rise in whiskey and bourbon interest. In today’s world Kentucky is the home to more than 10 million barrels of aging bourbon and spirits. That means there are 2+ barrels of bourbon for every person living in the state of Kentucky.  

“It just all comes together here in Kentucky.”

~Julian Van Winkle, III, President, Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery

Pre- production for the original movie began in the Summer of 2014. As the Kentucky project grew from the idea stages to a working feature length storyline, Producer Cary Ann Fuller designed an aggressive schedule of interviews and tours with Kentucky’s master distillers, historians, politicians and experts to bring Byford’s vision to fruition.

“This is not just backwoods fun. This is serious business.”

~Chris Morris, Master Distiller, Woodford Reserve Distillery

Grab your favorite bottle of bourbon, fill up your favorite glass, sit back and enjoy the story of bourbon, the way it’s meant to by enjoyed, ‘Straight up’. Cheers.

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