Terressentia CEO Earl Hewletter at TEDx

In this TEDx presentation, Earl Hewlette, CEO of Terressentia, shares two stories of how to use chaos as a “construct for creativity”. His first story is about the chaos that Hurricane Hugo (a category 4 hurricane) created in Charleston, NC in 1989 but, that’s not what this story is about. The second story is about creating chaos through innovation in a traditional industry, the bourbon industry.

“I believe chaos creates opportunity. Actually, I know chaos creates opportunity. But I also believe sometimes, it’s possible to create opportunity by creating a little chaos.”
~ Earl Hewlette

There have been many stories written about the TerraPURE technology over the past several months. It’s a technology that takes distilled spirits and what normally takes years in a barrel to prepare for the marketplace and reduces that time down to as little as eight hours. I won’t go into the details of the technology or the taste of the bourbon in this post.

If you are curious or a traditionalist you may think this technology thing cannot possibly work. Take a listen to the NPR piece, South Carolina Distiller Promises to Make Kentucky Liquor Quicker,  below the video and you will hear from Tom Fischer, Bourbon connoisseur and the founder of BourbonBlog.com to get his insights on the taste of this disruptive product. You may be surprised to hear that his blind taste test put the TerraPURE Bourbon ended up first or second in his test.

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TEDx Charleston: Creating Opportunity from Chaos with Earl Hewlette

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