The Complete Guide to Pairing Candy, Beer and Booze Infographic

When I was a child, I ate Halloween candy as a child, but as an adult, I learned to pair Halloween candy with beer, wine and spirits.

Why should your kids have all the Halloween fun? You helped them with their costume, perhaps walked them around the neighborhood and you bought enough candy for the little ghouls and goblins at your front door to fill up a 22” Weber kettle. Now it’s your turn to break into the candy and have a little fun. Whether you choose the candy you purchased or the candy your kids brought home is up to you. Either way, you are sure to find some of these classics that you can pair with some adult beverages. Will they be good, maybe not but it will be fun.

Please enjoy this easy to consume ‘Complete Guide to Pairing Candy with Wine, Beer and Booze Infographic’ brought to you compliments of Vinepair.

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The Complete Guide to Pairing Candy, Beer and Booze Infographic
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The Best Halloween Candy and Booze Pairings

  • Candy Corn + Calvados
  • Smarties + Vodka
  • Reese’s + Rye Whiskey
  • Red Licorice + Gin
  • Snickers + Scotch
  • Sour Patch + Tequila
  • Kit Kat + Bourbon
  • Skittles + Light Rum
  • Twix + Dark Rum
  • M&Ms + Cognac
  • Tootsie Roll + Jack Daniels
  • Butterfinger + Maker’s Mark
  • Hershey’s + Crown Royal

Source: Vinepair

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