Cooper King Distillery -Yorkshire England Gin Map

Distillery maps come in all shapes, styles and sizes. Some are utilitarian, some are simplistic, some are works of art while others simply celebrate the love and art of craft spirits. Today, we’re sharing the Yorkshire Gin Map put together by Cooper King Distillery, the smallest distillery in Yorkshire, England to celebrate Gin.

The Cooper King Distillery is the inspiration of co-founders Abbie Neilson and Christopher Jaume. Their micro-distillery is now under construction in the heart of Yorkshire where they plan on making gin and an English single malt whisky.

The centerpiece of their under construction distillery is their 900 litre custom made copper pot still manufactured by Peter Bailly in Hobart, Tasmania.

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Here’s what’s happening with the Gin scene in Yorkshire in their own words.

“The Yorkshire gin scene is thriving, with 15+ companies either selling or soon to start producing the delicious juniper-led spirit. To promote this fine Yorkshire spirit and celebrate International Gin & Tonic Day (19th October) we’ve put together a gin map to help you locate your favourite, and to encourage you to explore what the region has on offer!

Gin making is a fascinating process. The 15 brands shown are using a broad range of techniques, from macerating foraged botanicals with spirit at Sloe Motion, to hot distillation at Rare Bird and Whittakers, through to cold vacuum distillation at JacqSon. Every approach has its advantages, and here at Cooper King Distillery we are the first distillery in Yorkshire to combine both innovative cold vacuum distillation with traditional hot copper-pot distillation, in a process tailored to suit each individual botanical.

The Yorkshire Gin Map Infographic

You can click on the map to enlarge it.

Constantly Evolving Gin Map

The Yorkshire Gin Map will evolve as the scene develops. Since publication we’ve learnt of Divine Gin in Holmfirth and the Steam Brewery in Haworth; we’ll be sure to add these to the gin map at the next update. If we’ve missed any please get in touch and let us know.”

Why put this Gin Map together to promote your competition? Abbie and Christopher understand that when the distillery trail ocean rises, all distillery trail boats rise. Cheers!

Here are all the distilleries included in the infographic.

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