Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask - Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Sherry Casks

Wyoming Whiskey in Kirby, Wyoming has announced the first release of its limited edition sherry finished – Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Bourbon. This is the first barrel-finished product from the Wyoming-based craft distiller.

Wyoming Whiskey Head Distiller, Sam Mead says the whiskey begins with their standard five-year old bourbon with a mashbill of 68% corn, 20% wheat and 12% barley. From there, Mead developed the new creation with the tasting input of industry specialist and master blender, Nancy Fraley. The two chose Pedro Ximenez barrels to compliment the flavor profile of specifically chosen barrels of bourbon. The PX barrels ages range anywhere from 40 to 60 years old. Mead says the length of time in the barrel varies based on the time of year. Ultimately, its all based on taste rather than time.

Nancy Fraley - Whiskey & Rum Blender, International Consultant and Professional Nose at Nosing Services
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Nancy Fraley – Whiskey and Rum Blender.

Fraley gave the Double Cask excellent marks. According to Fraley, the Sherry-Finished Bourbon features dark, autumnal notes of dried apricot and fig, stewed prune, black currant and toasted nuts. There are hints of candied orange peel, vanilla butter cream, and molasses underneath. The finish is comprised of dark, dried fruit followed by warm, brown baking spices.

“While traditional bourbon continues to be our focus, it is important to show that a variety of great whiskies can be made in Wyoming,” said Co-Founder, David DeFazio. “Both our recent Outryder Straight American Whiskey and Double Cask Sherry-Finished Bourbon are outstanding.  We decided to finish our five-year-old bourbon in Pedro Ximenez barrels because they complement our base spirit perfectly.  We may experiment with other finishes in the future, but we’re really pleased with Double Cask’s flavor profile.”

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A limited release of 110 cases of Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Sherry Casks will be available for purchase in Wyoming, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Illinois, Texas and California.  Double Cask retails for $59.99 per 750 ml bottle. The first state to receive this unique whiskey will be Wyoming.

Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask - Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Sherry Casks
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