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What is a Blend - The Journey From Diss to Bliss

Is Blending Still a Dirty Word? Barrell Craft Spirits Founder Joe Beatrice Gives Us the 21st Century Answer [VIDEO]

When it comes to distilled spirits, the word blending or rectifying has gotten a bad
Barrell Craft Spirits - Nic Christiansen, Tripp Stimson, and Joe Beatrice, 10 Year Anniversary Celebration and Grand Opening

Barrell Craft Spirits Cuts Ribbon on New $15 Million Facility and Celebrates 10-Years of Blending Bliss [VIDEO]

The blending of distilled spirits has been done for centuries. For most of the 21st
Barrel Craft Spirits - Yellowstone Distillery 17,500 Barrel Rickhouse

Barrell Craft Spirits Purchases Historic Yellowstone Distillery Rickhouse for $2.4 Million

Barrell Craft Spirits in Louisville, Kentucky is an independent blender of unique, aged, cask strength
Barrell Craft Spirits - Seagrass Gold Label Bottle

Barrell Craft Spirits Releasing a Seagrass 20-Year-Old Rye Finished in Martinique Rum, Malmsey Madeira and Apricot Brandy Casks

Barrell Craft Spirits® (BCS) in Louisville, Kentucky, has announced BCS Gold Label Seagrass, the pinnacle
Barrel Craft Spirits - Introduces Stellum Spirits Cask Strength and Single Barrel Bourbon and Rye Whiskies

Barrell Craft Spirits Introduces Stellum Spirits, A New Line of Cask Strength Blends & Single Barrel Bourbon and Rye Whiskies

Barrell Craft Spirits®, the award-winning independent blender and bottler of unique aged, cask-strength sourced whiskey
Barrell Craft Spirits - American Vatted Whiskey sourced from Arizona, Indiana, New Mexico, New York, Texas and Washington

Barrell Craft Spirits Introduces American Vatted Malt Whiskey from NY, TX, IN, NM, WA & AZ

Barrell Craft Spirits in Louisville, Kentucky has announced the release of its first-ever Barrell Whiskey


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