Absolut Vodka - Artist Libs Elliott

As Canada celebrates its sesquicentennial anniversary of Canadian Confederation we are starting to see spirits ride along with custom editions. One of the latest to join in on the celebration is Absolut with a limited edition bottle with artist Libs Elliot.

A tribute to 150 years of forward thinking, the Absolut Canada bottle was designed in collaboration with Canadian textile artist Elizabeth (Libs) Elliott, renowned for her work with a custom computer program to design quilt patterns and laser cutting tolls to create futuristic home textiles. Through her quilts, she’s revitalizing a craft with a rich legacy by incorporating modern technology in her methods – a reflection of both Canada’s past and future.

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To convey a message of Canada’s history and future, the bottle artwork uses a traditional quilt block ‘Maple Leaf’ design and a modernized Canadian color palette: geometric shapes represent Canada’s diversity, and a grid reflects our expansive geography.

“Absolut is known globally for its limited edition bottles – everything from cities, to countries, to celebrating Pride or Andy Warhol, so we’re thrilled to bring a Canada-specific version to market at a time when celebrating our country will be at an all-time high,” says Vanessa Clarke, Senior Brand Manager at Corby Spirit and Wine. “Much like Canada, Absolut has a long history of inclusion and innovation, so we’re excited to have a bottle that is uniquely ours to reflect those synergies.”

The limited edition Absolut bottle will be available across Canada beginning this month.

Absolut Vodka Limited Edition Bottle

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