Bardstown Bourbon Co. - Bottling Facility Rendering

The Bardstown Bourbon Company located in Bardstown, Kentucky continues its goal of being a full service grain to glass distillery. Located on 100 acres along the Bluegrass Parkway the distillery grows its own corn, distills its own whiskey, contract distills for many other brands, barrels and ages whiskey and will soon bottle its own spirits on site as well.

Bardstown Bourbon Company to Move Bottling In-House

The distillery has announced the ground breaking of a 47,000-square foot development that will allow them to bottle hundreds of thousands of cases of distilled spirits per year.

“The bottling facility is the natural next step in our evolution,” said Bardstown Bourbon Company CEO Mark Erwin. “Currently, both our brands and our collaborative distilling partners are bottled by an offsite third party. We’re excited to close the circle and enable a true grain to glass process all in our own space.”

Aside from its own brands, which debuted in 2018, Bardstown Bourbon Company produces custom whiskey for 27 customers, including some of the most well-known brands in the world. The success of its Collaborative Distilling Program has enabled the distilling team to quadruple capacity since its inception in 2016. It now produces more than seven million proof gallons per year, or more than 300 barrels per day, across 40 different mash bills.

“Our completely unique and inclusive process allows our customers to create custom bourbons alongside us, all while driving education, innovation and experimentation,” said Bardstown Bourbon Company COO John Hargrove. “To be able to add bottling to our suite of services will be a game changer for us and our distilling partners.”

Bardstown Bourbon Company is one of the largest bourbon making distilleries in the world. They produce custom rye, whiskey and bourbon for themselves and for prominent brands including Jefferson’s, High West, Belle Meade, Hirsch and many others through its one-of-a-kind Collaborative Distilling Program.

The facility’s aesthetic is a continuation of Bardstown Bourbon Company’s modern bourbon brand look and feel. The architect for the project is Joseph & Joseph Architects and construction is being lead by Buzick Construction.

“We are honored to be the architect for this state of the art bottling and blending facility and continue our great relationship with Buzick Construction and Bardstown Bourbon Company,” said Joseph & Joseph Architects Architect & Partner Eric Huelsman. “This building will allow Bardstown Bourbon to grow their mission as one of the most advanced distilleries in the country.  Along with bottling, the state of the art labs and tasting spaces will allow the distillery to advance the science of whiskey making.”

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Once completed the bottling line expansion is projected to generate 25 new jobs upon its completion in spring 2021.

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