Ben Milam Whiskey Distillery - Women Rule the Texas Whiskey Landscape, Blanco, Texas

In 2018 Marsha Milam, founder of Ben Milam Whiskey Distillery in Blanco, Texas hired former Jim Beam distiller Marlene Holmes. Now, Milam has announced the hiring of world-renowned whiskey expert and author Heather Greene as the distilleries new Chief Executive Officer. Greene is the author of Whiskey Distilled: A Populist Guide to the Water of Life.

Introducing Milam & Greene Whiskey

Milam says with the new Greene partnership the distillery aims to expand and celebrate the art of batching, blending, sourcing, cask finishing, and grain-to-glass distillation. Ben Milam Whiskey will introduce Milam & Greene, a new line of premium whiskeys this summer.

“Ben Milam Whiskey has really taken off these past two years,” says Marsha Milam, partner at Ben Milam Whiskey. “Our talented brewer and distiller, Jordan Osborne, helped put us on the map from the start. Last year Marlene Holmes, a 27-year whiskey distilling veteran and one of the most experienced distillers working in craft distilling in North America joined us from Jim Beam. Now whiskey expert, Heather Greene will take reigns as the CEO and blender to lead the further development of the distillery. She brings over a decade of whiskey marketing experience combined with specialized skills in batching, blending and monitoring of spirits as they age in a cask. This is essentially the whiskey dream team.”

Greene joined Ben Milam Whiskey as a blending and marketing consultant in 2018. As the new CEO Greene will work closely with Founder and Partner Marsha Milam, Master Distiller Marlene Holmes, and Head Brewer Jordan Osborne to build the product portfolio, and expand its market reach.

“This job is a dream come true,” says Greene. “The team I am joining is not only exceptionally gifted, they hold a deep respect for the traditions of whiskey-making while remaining open to innovation and risk. Milam is a visionary who respects the beauty, depth and craftsmanship that goes into whiskey-making. All in all, it’s an exciting and creative place to work.”

Greene’s whiskey “nose” is well- regarded – she’s been using it behind the scenes for years, helping brands develop tasting notes, batch, blend and optimize inventory. This skill, in combination with her writing and marketing skills, will come together under one roof in Texas.

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The distillery currently offers Ben Milam Single Barrel Bourbon, Ben Milam Barrel Proof Bourbon (limited release) and the Ben Milam Small Batch Rye. Ben Milam Whiskey is distributed statewide in Texas and is available at fine liquor stores, bars and restaurants.

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