Buffalo Trace Distillery - Warehouse X

Buffalo Trace Distillery has completed phase one of its bourbon barrel aging experiment inside Warehouse X, the experimental warehouse built in 2013 that allows for specific atmospheric variables to be tested in four individual chambers, plus one open air breezeway.

The first experiment focused on natural light, keeping barrels in various stages of light for two years.

Number One
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Chamber One of Warehouse X held barrels at 50% natural light, while matching the temperature of the barrels inside the chamber to the temperature of the barrels in the outdoor breezeway.


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Chamber Two barrels experienced 100% darkness, while keeping the barrel temperature at a constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit.


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Chamber Three also had 100% darkness, but those barrel temperatures were kept the same temperature as the barrels in the outdoor breezeway.


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Chamber Four barrels saw 100% natural light as the temperature was kept the same as the barrels in the outdoor breezeway.


Buffalo Trace Distillery Warehouse X – Est: 2013
Buffalo Trace Distillery - Warehouse X
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In the two years this experiment was conducted, the barrels in the open air breezeway (which was not climate controlled) saw a fluctuation of temperatures ranging from -10 F to 105 F, likely some of the greatest temperature variance any bourbon barrels have ever experienced. The pressure inside these barrels varied from -2.5 psi to 2.5 psi.

3.5 Million Data Points – Some Theories Proven, Others Dismissed

Buffalo Trace collected and analyzed an astonishing 3.5 million data points over the two year experiment.

The Effects of Heat

Among the learnings, an interesting correlation between light and psi was realized, and a long held distiller’s theory of more heat equaling higher proof was scientifically proven (at least for now).

The Effects of Natural Light

However, another popular theory was disproved in part – as it turns out, the amount of light does not really affect the color or the proof of the bourbon inside the barrels. So much for the theory of honey barrels!

But Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley has this to add about honey barrels, “Even though we proved light doesn’t affect the color or the proof of the whiskey, that doesn’t mean that honey barrels (those next to windows in standard warehouses that are typically distiller’s favorites) don’t taste a little bit better. Perhaps because of other factors than natural light. We did prove factors like temperature, pressure, humidity and air flow all play a role in the end result.”

Now that the light experiment is complete the 150 barrels have been removed from inside Warehouse X and will be moved to a regular warehouse for aging. They will still be tracked but the initial experiment is complete.

Next Experiment – The Effects of Temperature

Buffalo Trace is moving on to the next planned experiment, which focuses on temperature. In this experiment, the various chambers will experience different temperature variations. The new experiments will include,

  1. Chamber One remaining the same temperature as the outdoor breezeway, plus 10 F
  2. Chamber Two will be 80 F
  3. Chamber Three will be at 55 F
  4. Chamber Four will be kept at the breezeway temperature minus 10 F

The temperature experiment is expected to last at least two years. Check back with us again in 2018 for results!

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