Stillhouse Spirits Moonshine 750ml Cans

We’ve seen craft spirits in a mason jar, we’ve seen the clear moonshine jug with the little handle, we’ve even seen the clay jug and now, meet the can. When your craft spirit is clear moonshine, the color in the clear bottle is well, clear. You look like everyone else on the shelf. The folks at Stillhouse Spirits and their creative agency decided it was time to try a new tack – cans, not aluminum cans like beer but stainless steel 750ml cans.

Stillhouse Original Moonshine
Stillhouse Original Moonshine Can Back
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Can Inspiration

Stillhouse Spirits worked with design agency, Sandstrom Partners to create the can. Sandstrom says their intent was to avoid the clichés, trends and purely novelty aspects of the category while remaining true in character and attitude. The industrial strength and utility of oblong tin cans used for turpentine and mineral spirits served as inspiration. This sets up the attitude of potential danger that provides the daring challenge and therefore fun of the whiskey. Tin, while inexpensive and utilitarian, turns alcohol black. The solution is a completely custom 750ml stainless steel can – a unique and singular vessel and the only one of its kind in the entire spirits world. The can weighs less and can be more portable than glass in some cases. Think for example tailgating. Many events post signs that say no glass – bring a can of Stillhouse. It’s unbreakable and recyclable. The can engineers even designed it to fit a universal pour spout for use by bartenders.

Q: Do you think the new design will stand out on the retail and bar shelf? Look at the before and after photos and give us your comments below.

Stillhouse Original Moonshine Can with Label and Stamped Top
Stillhouse Original Moonshine Can Top View
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100% Corn Moonshine Whiskey

Stillhouse Spirits Co. introduced Stillhouse, a 100% clear corn American whiskey a few years ago (you can see their previous packaging below) and has continued to expand the brand with additional flavored whiskeys. Stillhouse says their moonshine is crafted and finished in distilleries in Virginia and Kentucky made from estate-grown corn and is distilled in authentic copper whiskey stills, then charcoal-filtered for superior quality and taste. Stillhouse blends its gluten-free Original recipe with all-natural flavors to make its Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip and Red Hot whiskeys.

“Everyone today is looking for special experiences and ideas that defy their expectation,” said Founder and CEO, Brad Beckerman. “That’s why we created Stillhouse, which challenges traditional barriers and goes where spirits haven’t gone before. This is a crafted whiskey in an innovative package and we will continue to be disruptive in everything we do.”

Stillhouse Original is 80 proof, (40% ABV). Infused flavors are 69 proof, (34.5% ABV). All Stillhouse products are available in 750 ml 100% stainless steel cans with a suggested retail price of $27.99. Stillhouse will be available in March in California, Indiana and Ohio, and will make a wider debut this summer in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas. Additional states will be announced later this year.

The Complete Stillhouse Spirits Lineup in Cans
Stillhouse Spirits Moonshine Corn Whiskey
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Here’s the Old Stillhouse Design
Stillhouse Moonshine Previous Design
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What do you think? Improvement? Will it help to make the product stand out on the shelf? Provide your comments below.

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